What Is the Sirtfood Diet?

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Everyone noticed when Adele lost 100 pounds in two years. Others complimented the singer's health overhaul despite her quick weight loss. Who knows?

According to reports, Adele adopted the sirtfood diet. Adele has denied Pippa Middleton and Conor McGregor's links to the diet. The UK's sirtfood diet may catch on in the US.

2016 book launched the sirtfood diet. "Sirt" foods promote weight reduction and longevity.

High-antioxidant diets may enhance sirtuins, which decrease inflammation and boost metabolism. Diet can help you lose 7 pounds in 7 days, suggest authors.

Their diet consists of antioxidant-rich foods. Red wine, coffee, and chocolate are popular. Kale, soy, strawberries, blueberries, olive oil, onions, buckwheat, arugula, and walnuts.

3-day juice fast to start sirtfood diet. Days 1–3 comprise 1,000 calories from green drinks and one meal. On days 4–7, consume 1,500 calories from green juice and sirtfood.

After the initial cleanse, you'll have three superfood-focused meals, one green juice, and two snacks. The book and blogs provide antioxidant-rich meal recipes.

The sirtfood diet works because it's low-calorie. You'll lose weight eating 1,000 calories every day.

Since most quick-fix weight loss regimes don't result in long-term weight loss, you're better off making gradual, consistent progress, despite what celebrities say.

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