To Make Your Rice Healthier

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Rice is used in many cuisines. They're cheap and go with practically every meal. This is why 510.29 million metric tonnes of rice will be eaten globally between 2021 and 2022.

China, India, and Vietnam are big customers, but Americans love it too. In 2021 and 2022, Americans ate 4.6 million metric tonnes of rice.

Popular as it is, rice has downsides. White rice lacks nutrition as the germ and bran are removed.

This removes the grain's nutrient- and fiber-rich portions, leaving just the endosperm. White rice eating may raise the risk of heart disease and stroke.

A 2012 research also found an increase in Type 2 diabetes. There are ways to make rice healthy so you may eat it without guilt.

First, boil rice and avoid high-fat vegetable oils. Next, consider taste. Cumin seeds and cloves provide flavour and nutrition to rice.

Cumin seeds manage blood sugar and blood pressure. A 2019 study says cloves help reduce blood sugar in healthy and prediabetic people.

Another rice hack? Oil up. Sri Lankan researchers found that adding coconut oil to white rice cuts calories by 10% to 12% and boosts resistant starch.

Before adding uncooked rice to boiling water, we added roughly 3% coconut oil.

Then they refrigerated it for 12 hours. Researchers tried 38 rice types and 8 recipes.

Changing the composition makes rice healthier. How?

By changing digestible to resistant starch. This absorbs less calories, making rice healthier.

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