Toss These 9 Foods Instantly After Expiry!

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1) Egg substitutes

It is perfectly fine to store raw, in-shell eggs in the refrigerator for three to five weeks. Once opened, egg substitute products have an average shelf life of three to five days.

2) Soft cheeses

One to two weeks, depending on the type of soft cheese, but they should be thrown out at the first sign of deterioration.

3) Jarred condiments

One month to one year, depending on the condiment; nonetheless, they should be discarded if they have discoloration or an off-putting odor.

4) Potato salad

The USDA recommends discarding homemade or deli salads after three to five days.

5) Cold-pressed juice

Five days after opening; however, high-pressure processing could extend its shelf life to thirty days.

6) Fresh meat

The sell-by date tells the store when it should be removed off the shelf. They might even discount the food to get rid of it if it's the last day they can keep it on their shelves.

7) Ground meats

The USDA recommends eating or freezing ground meat within two days of purchase, whether it's beef, hog, turkey, lamb, or another type.

8) Fish

The USDA recommends eating fish within two days of purchase because it is just as susceptible to bacteria as beef. Wrap it in foil or freezer paper to prevent moisture absorption.

9) Fresh berries

According to's FoodKeeper program, raspberries and strawberries survive approximately three days while blueberries last two weeks.

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