The 5 Drinks Increasing Inflammation in Your Body!

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1) Sugary lattes

Coffee's plant components and polyphenol concentration may have anti-inflammatory properties, but what you add in it may counteract that.

Sugary syrups, sauces, whips, and drizzles sweeten many coffee and mock-coffee drinks. If you drink a grande or venti every day, you may be consuming too much sugar.

2) Flavored oat milk

When flavorings and sugar are added to oat milk, it turns inflammatory. Even flavorless foods contain approximately 7 grams of sugar per serving. 

Though oats don't contain gluten on their own, they may be contaminated if they're processed at a facility that also makes gluten.

3) Sweet tea

As little as possible should be drunk of sugary drinks like sweet tea. Chronic inflammation can be caused by eating too many added sugars over time.

Many drinks with a lot of sugar have almost no nutritional value, so they mostly just give you sugar and calories.

4) Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies can be a terrific alternative for meal replacement or post-workout recuperation, but many have additional sugar called turbinado. 

Long-term consumption of this sugar, especially when combined with other sugary drinks, may contribute to inflammation.

5) Soda

Carbonated soft drinks cause inflammation. Consuming beverages with high levels of added sugar can lead to chronic inflammation over time. 

Soda has the most added sugar. High-sugar diets obviously can cause inflammation and sickness.

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