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Surprising Foods That Are Banned In The USA

1) Époisses cheese

With its strong smell and bold taste, it is not sold in its original form in the USA.

2) Silver dragées

As per FDA, silver dragées are not edible due to their silver color. 

3) Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Not FDA, but schools have banned Flamin Hot Cheetos in many areas.

4) Swan

Many swan species are endangered so hunting & eating them is illegal.

5) Sassafras oil

The oil has been banned in the country due to potential carcinogens.

6) Junk food

Many states have banned junk food in schools for better health of students.

7) Sea turtles

You cannot hunt them in the USA, as they are engdangered species.

8) Lazy Cakes

These cakes faced heavy scrutiny from FDA due to the high level of melatonin. 

9) Horse meat

It is considered taboo in the USA to eat horse meat and even it's inspection is not easy, resulting in less sale.

10) Raw milk

Raw milk is considered dangerous to health by FDA. Some states have banned it but others allow it.

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