Most Controversial Secrets About Fast Food

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You probably want to stay away from McDonald's' McCafe items

"I make sure everyone who matters to me never orders anything from the 'McCafe' machine," a McDonald's employee posted on Reddit.

Panera pasta isn't worth it

A Panera Bread staffer told Reddit that the sandwiches and salads feature "genuine ingredients and [are] typically fresh." (Phew!)

You might want to skip the Quesarito at Chipotle

"It's the best," they said. "During peak hours, DO NOT order a Quesarito. You'll be despised. Line-backers will despise you. You're despised." Seriously?

The Starbucks 'Secret Menu' doesn't exist

Former Starbucks employee: "Please don't order from the 'Secret Menu'"

Make sure to ask for 'fresh' chicken nuggets at McDonald's

Otherwise, they've been sitting in heat. People reset the timer when it turns off instead of setting new ones 9/10 times "worker shared.

Stay away from the ice

What they use to scoop ice from machines also matters. If filthy hands scoop ice, consider all the horrible particles that rub off on the ice, etc

Don't both with Pizza Hut's Three Cheese Stuffed Crust

 The standard packed crust pizza covers the entire dough, however the 3 cheese leaves large gaps "elucidated

Don't order anything with turkey at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen urged Redditors to avoid the Turkey BLT. "The turkey is vacuum-sealed and rapidly achieves a shine. Dry, "elucidated

Costco Brought Back Beloved Mini Bakery Item

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