Make Cookies Healthier With This Surprising Ingredient!

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If you eat bananas frequently, consider keeping the peels for later use. In fact, the part of the fruit that is usually thrown away can be used in baking.

Adding banana peels to sugar cookies may sound counterintuitive, but doing so has been found to increase their nutritional value and overall satiety.

Banana peels were ground into flour and incorporated into cookie dough in a study published in ACS Food Science&Technology.

Those who tried the cookies created with the banana peel flour preferred them to those made with regular wheat flour.

The antioxidant chemicals, fiber, magnesium, and potassium found in banana peel flour made these cookies a healthier option than they would have been otherwise.

If you wish to manufacture your own banana peel flour for use in baking, be sure to thoroughly wash or clean the peels.

If you enjoy a cookie recipe as-is, do not feel compelled to add banana peels to make it "healthy." Occasionally, you simply want a cookie to be a cookie.

If banana peel flour adds nutrients you'd like to your diet, or if you appreciate the flavor or texture it imparts to your cookies, that's what counts most.

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