Major Food Chains With Bad Reputations

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1) Taco Bell

Taco Bell has previously & currently been accused of utilizing questionable beef products. In 2011, a complaint was filed against the chain, alleging that its beef included only 35% flesh.

2) Starbucks

Starbucks has recently come under fire for raising pricing on popular menu items. The price increases have been interpreted as proof of "business greed."

3) Chick-fil-A

The company's anti-LGBTQ stance has damaged its brand. Over $5 million in donations to anti-same-sex marriage groups made the restaurant famous in 2012.

4) Chipotle

Despite Chipotle's sales success over the previous decade, its reputation has been damaged by reoccurring food safety issues.

5) Jack in the Box

In 1993, Jack-in-the-Box, which had one of the worst reputations for food safety, was at the center of a huge E. coli outbreak.

6) Burger King

According to a 2020 analysis of Twitter consumer attitudes, Burger King, a perennial runner-up, has been voted as America's least favorite fast-food company.

7) Subway

Since the passing of its founder, Fred DeLuca, in 2015, the sandwich chain has been in decline for several years. Insufficient original leadership has resulted in falling standards.

8) BurgerIM

In 2019, BurgerIM's reputation took a hit when it was revealed that the burger business was essentially a Ponzi scheme.

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