Is Coconut Water Healthy?

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You drink it in smoothies and after working out to rehydrate, but is coconut water good for you?

Where do you even begin to determine which bottle to pick up at the supermarket?

To obtain the whole picture, we checked the research and spoke to nutritionists and dietitians.

The good news is, pure coconut water is a nutritious drink (more on that later).

However, Richter stresses the need of reading labels and avoiding items with added sugar if you

want to purchase coconut water instead of drinking it directly from a fresh coconut.

Unfortunately, it's not always feasible to carefully examine each bottle at the shop. So, which one should you choose if you're in a hurry?

There are no artificial sweeteners in Harmless Harvest's coconut water, and it comes in a trendy millennial pink colour.

Because of careful microfiltration, the antioxidants that cause coconut water to appear pink when exposed to factors like light are preserved in this product, the expert says.

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