Controversial Secrets About McDonald's Menu Items

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Sweet Tea is sugary

A McDonald's staff verified that the sweet tea "tastes like pure Splenda"

Fresh fries have a secret

Customers enjoy McDonald's fries. Ordering the menu item might be hit or miss, since they occasionally taste old.

McDonald's upcharges for ingredients

The "Poor Man's Big Mac" (a McDouble with Mac Sauce and shredded lettuce) costs 30 cents for the sauce and 20 to 30 cents for the lettuce.

Always check Double Quarter Pounder patties

McDonald's employee shares "life hack" Always inspect a Double Quarter Pounder for two patties.

Apple Pie is risky

Cashier and chef say apple pie is the worst thing to order at McDonald's.

Food returns are refundable

McDonald's answered a Reddit user's query concerning food returns.

No, it's not always cleaned

McDonald's chef says milkshake machine cleaning takes two to three hours every week.

Order dinner, not breakfast

A McDonald's chef advised customers against ordering breakfast for supper.

If McDonald's isn't busy, don't order

Former employee: "Never dine at a McDonald's that isn't crowded."

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