Best Fish to
Eat To Reduce Inflammation

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Your body requires inflammation to operate and heal. Chronic inflammation can lead to severe illnesses.

When you're injured or sick, your immune system sends white blood cells to aid. Chronic inflammation can result from persistent damage, additional pollutants, or excess body weight.

Processed baked goods, fast food, and added sugar increase chronic inflammation risk, however some foods are anti-inflammatory.

Omega-3 fatty acids cut cholesterol, prevent inflammation, and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. EPA and DHA, two fish-based omega-3s, are necessary for these health advantages.

Fatty fish like mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but you may also take fish oil, krill oil, or cod oil tablets.

Salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, and trout have 1-3.5 grammes of omega-3s per serving. Leaner fish like cod and sea bass still include omega-3s, albeit in considerably smaller proportions.

Mackerel has the greatest omega-3 level among fatty fish, with 2.5-2.6 grammes per 3-ounce meal (100 grams).

Omega-3s modulate cytokine production, which reduces inflammation. Omega-3s lower pro-inflammatory cytokine levels.

Regular ingestion of omega-3 fatty acids lowered biomarker levels, notably in diabetic and cardiovascular patients.

DHA and EPA reduce inflammation, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hence they reduce the risk of CVD, CHD, and cardiovascular death.

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