9 Healthy Food-Swaps for Fast & Easy Weight Loss!

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1) Soda to Seltzer water

Make a zero-calorie soda water with lemon instead of going for a can of soda, which has about 139 calories.

2)  Fat sour cream to Greek yogurt

Full-fat sour cream has 198 calories and 19 gms of fat every 3.5 ounces. Greek yogurt has 100 calories and 1 gm of fat per 3.5 ounces and is a good source of protein.

3) Potato chips to popcorn

Potato chips aren't exactly nutritious, but once you start eating them, it's hard to stop. There is nothing better than popcorn as an alternative.

4) Store bought juice to fresh pressed juice

The convenience of buying a box of juice is undeniable, but the health benefits of making your own homemade juice from fresh fruits much outweigh this.

5) French Fries to Baked Potato Chips

Make your own baked potato fries in the oven instead of buying frozen ones. Still crunchy, but with fewer calories and saturated fat.

6) Butter to Olive Oil

If you often use butter in your recipes, you may be making your meal less healthful. Try frying using olive oil.

7) Fried tacos to soft tacos

Soft tacos are not fried with oil. Hard tacos offer less calories but aren't healthier. Instead of a soft taco, try a wholewheat wrap for an even healthier option.

8) Dries Fruits to Fresh Fruits

When it comes to munching, choose for fresh fruit or no-sugar-added dried fruit instead than syrup-sweetened canned fruits.

9) Fried Chicken to Grilled Chicken

Try grilling, baking, or boiling chicken rather than frying it. Fried chicken is prepared in oil, whereas grilled chicken is prepared with less seasoning.

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